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Welcome to the Post lab. We conduct research on ecological dynamics in time and space, and across levels of organization. Throughout my career, I've been interested in interactions between biotic and abiotic factors. I'm especially interested in how such interactions integrate dynamics among individuals, populations, communities, and, ultimately, ecosystems.

Work in my lab focuses mainly on ecological consequences of climate change, with emerging applications to wildlife conservation. Although most of the research conducted in my group is based in the Arctic, a system at the forefront of both abiotic and biotic aspects of climate change, my interests are broad and encompass other biomes as well.

I am an advocate of combining meticulous observation of natural processes, controlled field experimentation, and analytical modeling. The lab employs all three approaches to investigate the effects of climate change on life history variation and phenology, population dynamics, and community dynamics and stability. Most of this is done at my study site near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, where I've worked since 1993.